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Aug 5, 2015
Too many Australian women are using treatments for menopause symptoms that don't work, the authors of a new study say.
Aug 3, 2015
While there's no denying blood transfusions save lives, there's a growing awareness of the potential risks of these 'liquid organ transplants'.
Jul 21, 2015
It's cold and flu season and you'll do almost anything to avoid getting sick. But is the answer to boost your immune system?
Jul 19, 2015
You have your mum's eyes and your dad's sense of humour. But when it comes to health, some of their concerns could become yours if you don't watch for the warning signs. So how do you flip the red flags?
Jul 8, 2015
Some of us are 'daily like clockwork' people, while others can go for days without action. If you don't poo daily, are you OK? Or is this a reason to take laxatives?

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